Bouncingballcreations.com and all products associated with it, including this one, are 100% Disabled Veteran owned. We Design, Develop and Deliver the products we believe embody the spirit of our country’s military. Bouncing ball creations’ concept is simple: honor our brothers and sisters that came before us, currently serving and those that will come after. Our country was founded on the principles of freedom and justice for all. The civil liberties we enjoy was and are provided by the blanket of sacrifice of our service men and women. We cannot and will not forget them. All gave some, but some gave all.

We will always honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms some often take for granted. We kneel and we stand, but we never forget. We honor our fallen brothers and sisters by kneeling in a time of mourning, but our brothers and sisters would want us to stand up to honor our country and continue the fight.

Our families have served in the Armed Forces for generations. It has and always will be an honor to serve our great nation through selfless service. It’s a Marine Thing!

Whereas Father Time has caught up to us, we still remember the many deployments and countries in which we have deployed. We remember not just defending our country, but fighting the battles others could not fight for themselves.

We are disabled and may not be able to complete a full service physical fitness test any longer, but we can still spot you at 500 yards!

Enjoy our products (subject to copy rights law!). Serve and protect our country. If you or a loved one is serving or has served, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! If you can’t, then support those who have, are and will be. We look forward to providing more products for your enjoyment in the near future.

Semper Fi! Always Faithful!

With Heartfelt Sincerity,